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Bordeaux : the top tours and activities

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  • What to do and see: Bordeaux ?

    Cité du Vin

    Cité du Vin

    Described as a unique place that is devoted to the cultures of wine, this is a must-see. The building doubles as both a museum as a well a place to showcase special exhibits, shows, movies, and academic seminars all devoted to the theme of the world-famous wines in Bordeaux. The incredible architecture of the building itself has been compared to a Guggenheim. You can even fit in a little wine tasting.
    Bordeaux Cathedral

    Bordeaux Cathedral

    This ancient Roman Catholic cathedral took almost 400 years to build, starting in the 12th Century and not being completed until the 16th Century. It is a magnificent example of gothic architecture and has often been rated the as Bordeaux’s number one landmark.

    Bordeaux Cathedral
    Place de la Bourse

    Place de la Bourse

    One of the most recognizable sights in Bordeaux, it was built between 1730 and 1775. The palace once served as a place of business exchange back in the days when traders still wore wigs. In front of the building stretches a wide, shallow expanse of water. This water mirror reflects the palace and is a rather mesmerizing site at night when lit up. Place de la Bourse
    Saint Emilion

    Saint Emilion

    While you are in the region, take a visit to the medieval town of Saint Emilion. This beautiful little town is only about a 40-minute drive from Bordeaux. It is surrounded by world-known vineyard that was planted all the way back in the 1st Century by the Romans. Tour a medieval town and go wine-tasting, it is well-worth the trip.
    Saint Emilion

    What to do and see: Bordeaux

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