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My Passionate Local
1 / What is www.mypassionatelocal.com

It is a platform that allows travelers and people who are passionate about an activity to search, compare and contact "Local" people around the world.
2 / What is a Local ?

The Local is a major person and passionate about his country, city or region and / or activity. He wants to share his passion with visitors from all over the world and transmits a message of fraternity and a helping hand in his activity and especially in tourism. This kindness and generosity give another vision of tourism and the sharing of different passion and must be respectful of others.
Who are the "Local"?
A Local is a major person able to discover a culture, a place or practice an activity.
-Culture (historical heritage, religious, art, music, anthropology ...)
-Nature (discovery of fauna and flora, hiking ...)
-Montagne (skiing, mountaineering, dog sledding ...)
Water (sailing, canoeing, whitewater, surfing ...)
-Gastronomy (cooking classes, culinary festivals ...)
-Extreme (paragliding, 4x4, survival techniques ...)
-Peche (at sea, river, lake ...)
-Transport and Logistics (drivers, carriers, pilots ...)
 Ect ....
Who are the users?
Travelers and enthusiasts, "Local" from other countries or from around the world who can use www.mypassionatelocal.com for free by registering or not as a member. Registration as a member is required to post comments on profiles or to contact Local.
How to choose a Local?

Once the research is done, the traveler is invited to compare the "Local".
www.mypassionatelocal.com encourages travelers or enthusiasts to select the "Local" according to their qualifications and experiences and information given by the "Local".
Once the contact is established, the user and the "Local" must agree on a service, a price and a date.
Does www.mypassionatelocal.com vouch for "Local" and Users?
As an Internet content host, www.mypassionatelocal.com is not responsible for content and bookings on "Local" profiles or email communications from www.mypassionatelocal.com. www.mypassionatelocal.com works daily to set up tools and procedures to prevent identity theft or spamming. However www.mypassionatelocal.com can not be held responsible for a dispute between the "Local" or the user for any reason whatsoever.
Do I have to pay in advance?

As a precaution, www.mypassionatelocal.com advises caution and as such never to be in advance, it is recommended to adjust the Local on the day of the service.
Some "Local" does not want to bill their service, considering the meeting as a more important exchange than the financial aspect.
Why tell his Experience?
It is important to tell and evaluate the "Local". Future Internet users will be able to use past opinions (mastering foreign languages, general knowledge or security) in order to make the best choice. This allows you to put your past experience to the benefit of other travelers or enthusiasts. It is to serve the "Local" and the community of travelers and enthusiasts by giving an independent and disinterested opinion.
Can I comment on the profile of a "Local"?
It is possible to comment the information added by the "Local". The goal is to communicate before or after the trip or activity on photos, texts or videos posted by the "Local".
www.mypassionatelocal.com is a platform dedicated to a passionate community of travel and various activities.