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Greetings fellow tourists! If you plan to visit Ekaterinburg, I would love to be your guide!
It's a fascinating city, a place where multiple era's meet. You can walk through one street, where you can witness the architecture of pre-revolutionary period, make a left turn and feel the atmosphere of Soviet Union, move few blocks further and you will feel like you are in any other modern city.
It is also a place, where industry meets culture in many various ways. If you're tempted already, let’s go!
My profile: I am in the field of intercultural communications since my student years, I had an internship in diplomatic organizations of Ekaterinburg (Trade promotion organization “Business France”, General Consulate of Cyprus) and I worked in our region’s largest metallurgical holding. My tasks varied from translation of business meetings to tours around factory sites, museums, city excursions etc. So far, I had a privilege to work with the delegations from U.S, UK, France, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Iran, India, Canada, Benin etc. Needless to say, it is my passion to establish contact with people around the globe!
You may have heard of Ekaterinburg because it is a border of Europe and Asia, a place of Tsar’s family assassination, a city of constructivism buildings. Those are our milestones. However, as a citizen and as a person, who is familiar with the views of foreigners when they visit Ekaterinburg, I have to say that the range of our city’s peculiarities is very wide and diverse!
Therefore, I would like to present you my itinerary of Ekaterinburg:
1) “City center walk”. Our city has streets, buildings, squares, the age of which is more than a century. Let us walk together, I’ll tell you a story of our heritage!
2) “For Art aficionado’s”: Most frequent comment I receive from our guests that Ekaterinburg is more of a cultural capital, rather than industrial capital. It’s absolutely true! We have “Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts” (International Mezzotint festival, Russian Art, West-European Art, Naïve Art, Decorative Art, Ural Metalcraft etc.), Mikhail Brussilovsky (legendary Ural artist) museum, Ernst Neizvestny museum(famous Russian-American sculptor)
3) “For explorers”:
Ural geological museum (40 000 exponents, minerals, gem stones etc);
Beryozovsky mines, a true place of “Klondike” (a story, which I wrote on my first journey to this place with foreign delegation!) http://ural-theunknown.blogspot.ru/2016/01/fistful-of-russian-gold.html
4) “For those who want to see orthodox Russia”:
Novo-Tichvinsky monastery, The cathedral of Alexander Nevsky.
A perfect image of orthodox Russia in the city center. There isn’t enough words to describe the beauty of churches interior and exterior. When the Tsar’s family arrived to Ekaterinburg as Bolsheviks’s captives, the nuns from this monastery delivered food for the family.
5) “For war history appreciators”: Field Military museum, Verhnyaya Pyshma
If history is your passion and you watch documentaries on WWII all the time, please welcome to this place. You will be able to witness the military equipment at full scale. Legendary tanks, airplanes, submarines, trains are located on the open-space field.
6) “For car enthusiasts”
Automotive museum, Verhnyaya Pyshma
There is a fascinating collection of automobiles from different eras and countries of production. You will find vintage Ford’s, Buick’s, Cadillac’s; Racing prototypes, motorcycles, bikes, go karts ,soviet classics and many more.
ETS classic cars, Ekaterinburg
Another museum located in the different part of the city(Airport Koltsovo location). Unique collection of vintage cars and motorcycles (Soviet and American).
There’ ll be more!
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