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Byblos City Walking Tour -transport from/to Beirut

Byblos Lebanon


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Culture & Lifestyle
Byblos is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is also one of the rare sites that have continuously been inhabited since their foundation excavations show that it dates back to the 6th millennium B.C. Its ancient inhabitants did not call it Byblos, but rather "Jubla" and later "Jebal". Byblos (Jbeil in Arabic) is today a very charming city distinguished for its neighborhood that dates back to the Middle Ages with its historic sites and ruins.

Byblos is better visited by foot, where multiple attractions can be visited along the way...

Ancient small streets and stairs connect marvelous Churches, Ruins, Museums, Crafts shops, and traditional Lebanese restaurants.

Once we reach the city, a traditional Lebanese Breakfast: The Famous Man'oushe is a must.

After that, we discover the city by foot, stopping at St. Marc Church, The Wax Museum, The Ancient City gates, and down to the Byblos Temples Ruins.

After so much walking: a Lebanese Traditional Cuisine Lunch - A Feast to remember: tens of traditional maza plates, the famour Arak alchemical drink, and Lebanese bar-b-q...

Then, to the sea... We take a ride by boat, from Byblos port... a favorite for photography lovers who would love to catch the view of the Lebanese coast from sea, and of course, we do not forget the sunset from the Marina. After we walk back up, a short break in the Byblos wagenpark, for icecream before we return back to Beirut.

HOWEVER: The evening and nightlife in Byblos is fascinating, so if you are up to it, this trip can be extended in the city, for dinner, and drinks at the local pubs - party like a Lebanese :)
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