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Moscow Russland


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You are a group already formed, an association, a business? Contact me to personalize your journey!

Help: Book or Privatize?

We propose privatizing this experience for you, your friends, your family, your colleagues.
Lonelyplanet and Tripadvisor can be useful. They'll tell you all the main landmarks and the place that a million other people go to.


But if you want to check out spots that are not on Lonelyplanet...

...or that they don't tell you about at the hotel reception...

...then we should get in touch.

To experience the gems that are not hidden but not known to everyone. Be it neighborhoods, cafes, bars or quirky museums,

We will customize your tour to your character and your preferences. But you should be prepared to walk a lot. But don't worry, this isn't a "tick-off-the-boxes tour". We'll walk at a relaxed pace and you will hear what it is like to live in Russia, what Russian culture is like and much more interesting stuff about local life from the perspective of a foreigner. At the end we wrap the tour up at a cool cafe or bar, depending on preferences and time of the day.

I've lived in Moscow for over 2 years and know more about the city than most locals (though not the history&book stuff, Google will help you with that).

If that sounds remotely interesting then hit me up and we'll make a plan to show you the REAL Moscow experience.
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