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The Banff Gondola is found just 5 minutes from the Town of Banff, on the shoulder of Sulfur Mountain, in the core of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Sulfur Mountain is a mountain in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains overlooking the town of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The mountain was named in 1916 for the hot springs on its lower slopes. George Dawson had alluded to this landform as Terrace Mountain on his 1886 guide of the area. Sanson's Peak was nominated in 1948 for Norman Bethune Sanson who persistently went to the observatory recording hardware on Sulfur Mountain for about 30 years.

Two hot springs have been industrially created. The most minimal are the Cave and Basin National Historic Site and the most elevated are the Banff Upper Hot Springs.

A Gondola on the eastern incline goes to the summit edge which has an upper terminal containing two eateries, a blessing shop, and various perception decks. The summit edge gives sees both westbound up and east down the Bow Valley. A promenade can be taken after on the north side to the highest point of Sanson's Peak (2,256 m or 7,402 ft).

In Summer or winter, you can present a top near cliff thanks to the Banff Gondola. Take a load off in a 4 traveler, glass-encased cable car skims up to the highest point of Sulfur Mountain in under 10 minutes. Named for the hot springs that arise from its base, this mountain is a perfect viewing spot and a tick-box Banff performance.

Explore the majestic scenery of Sulfur Mountains to see the whole new side of Sulfur Mountain by stepping in Banff Gondola. Wonder about the top-notch perspective of Banff, the Bow Valley and a 360-degree perspective of six picturesque mountain ranges from 2,281m (7,486 ft) above ocean level.

This feeling comes to you that you're on the top of the world; when you are remaining on the roomy primary level perception deck, where the discretionary Banff Skywalk drives you to the Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site and Sanson's Peak Meteorological Station.

There are a few of restaurants on height plus an extensive hike on boardwalks to Sanson Peak, an old weather station. A few people climb as far as possible upon a crisscrossing 5.6km trail. You can go down on the gondola for half price and recoup the hot springs.

Banff Upper Hot Spring

Visitors utilize these calming hot pools, steam room and spa equipped with wonderful mountain landscapes near the Banff Gondola., 4km south of town. The water rises up out of the spring at 47C in winter it must be reduced to 29C preceding joining the pool, but in spring the snowmelt makes that occupation. Notwithstanding the pool, you can enjoy a back rub or a fragrant healing wrap. Swimsuits, towels, and lockers can be leased.

Tour Description:

· We start from your hotel all the way directly to Banff Gondola.

· Visiting Sulfur Mountain by Cable Car.

· Time to enjoying your lunch at a restaurant.

· Enjoying the rest of your trip at Banff Upper Hot Spring.


· All Entrance fees.

· Transportation.


· Lunch

· Other activities except for the cable car

Departure time: 8h00

Arrival time: 18h00

Duration: 10 hours

Make sure to bring:

· Warm clothes

· Clothes for the weather

· Get your camera!
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