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Guided sightseeing tour Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main Deutschland


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Welcome to Frankfurt!

During our 3 hour sightseeing tour you will get to know Frankfurt with all its famous monuments and squares, but also some of its hidden treasures.

Starting at the famous Iron bridge you will enjoy the best view of the city and get an introduction into everything you need to know about Frankfurt. While strolling through the city center you will explore beautiful and spectacular buildings and I'll provide you with a lot of interesting background information about architecture, history, politics, culture and also the typical Frankfurt specialities that you need to try during your stay. But no worries, I will tell you the best addresses for apple wine, green sauce...and if you're interested we can still visit one of the best Frankfurt apple wine restaurants right after the tour.

A mandatory part of every stay in Frankfurt is a little tasting in the covered market hall which will give you an idea how international Frankfurts culinary scene actually is.

Furthermore you will get a feeling for Frankfurt as Germany's (and maybe also Europe's) financial capital and the typical lifestyle in Mainhattan, as Frankfurt is often called. All in all a great way to explore Germany's 5th biggest city with a local and experienced traveller that knows exactly how to convey the facts, the background and the feeling for the city.

Look forward to welcoming you here!
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