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We propose privatizing this experience for you, your friends, your family, your colleagues.
This is a full day trip out of Bangkok for up to 10 people.
The more people the cheaper it gets per person.
It will visit the Floating Market, Elephant Village, a Temple called Wat Bang Kung and a nice Thai lunch at a local restaurant of your choice.
After this we will make our way back to Bangkok stopping at any places you like on the way.
Please see the pictures below for more details.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It's huge, lively, full of boats selling food and fruits, and it's colorful - exactly how people imagine a floating market will look like - with the opportunity to capture the perfect photo to show off once back home. Here you can take an hour boat trip around the small rivers and the market.Boat trips cost about 1,500b for up to 8 people or 350b per person (min 4 people) for a one hour trip.

Elephant Village

Elephant feeding or riding. Only a short distance from the market area is a wonderful little elephant home. Elephants that used to work hard on the land are now looked after here. The money earned from them is used to feed and take care of them.

Here you can chose to buy some bananas and just feed them or you can ride them through the river for 30/60 mins.

Feeding the elephants costs about 50b and riding on one is about 600b per person for half an hour. If there is three or more people I can get you 100b per person discount.

Wat Bang Kung is famous for the small chapel that is completely enclosed within the roots of a banyan tree called Bot Prok Po. It is almost like the tree itself is the pillars of the temple and that without the roots the chapel would fall down. You can also go inside to pay respect to the Buddha image. Also in the grounds of the temple are many statues of men in different fighting positions.The temple is free to visit, you can give a donation if you want.
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