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a trip in ancient land (Iran)

tehran, shiraz, qeshm Iran


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Culture & Lifestyle
the tour consist Tehran, Shiraz, desert and Qeshm Island.
2-3 days is Tehran
1 day in Qeshm island
1 day trip to desert
4 day in Shiraz ( perspolis included)
take a walk in old streets of Tehran, visiting museums, monuments and taste Iranian delicious foods for one day and at night go shopping at the many Tehran malls.
visit palaces of Iran historical kings and Tehran old bazaar for the second day and for the night take a walk to the Tehran several & beautiful parks
if adopted take a hike to the mountains around Tehran for about 5 hours and take the lunch or dinner at the restaurants there.
take a one day trip to desert with its famous silence and ...
Qeshm island:
see a special and unite jungle, many geological structures like loess and walk in a strike slip fault and maybe see salt dome and salt cave.
Shiraz :
Persepolis ruins, the first empire aged 2500 years are waiting to be seen by you.
visit Shiraz old houses, monuments, famous poets(influenced Goethe (German writer and statesman)), gardens taste Shiraz local food and pastry and many more will be there for you
taste many new, delicious food, buying souvenirs for yourself and the ones you love, handicrafts like khatam and ...
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