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I trip to ancient PERSIA



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It is an invitation......for you.as you know PERSIA was one of the most oldest civilization in the world.now a days many tourist with different interest come to visit IRAN.
I am a tour guide in Isfahan .IRAN is not an expensive destination.but it is wothy.
I can help you make your itinerary.contact me.
every day I allocate 1 or 2 hour to answer travellers question.it is free :))
I enjoy planing tailor made trip for tourist.
So I am ready to plan your adeal trip and you make your trip amazing.

It is my city tour in isfahan:
Isfahan city tour starting 9 am every day:
Start at 9 am.
Details of tour:
First option:
1)Naghshe jahan square
2)Imam(royal) mosque
3)Shekh lotfolah mosque
4)Ali qapoo palace
5)Chehel sotoon palace
6)Hasht behesht palace
7)Isfahan grand bazar
9)Isfahan historical bridge (33 pol and khajoo......if we have more time we visit shahreshtan bridge too)
10)Jame mosque
Second option:
1)Naghshe jahan square
3)Shekh lotfolah masque
4)Ali qapoo palace
5)Chehel sotoone palace
6)Hasht behesht palace
7)Isfahan grand bazar
8)Monarjonban(shaking minarat)
9)Isfahan historical bridge (33 pol and khajoo ........if we have more time we visit shahrestan bridge too)

***Itinerary is flexible depend on your idea.you can choose this 2 option or any other option that you choose

***Transportation is available and we pick you up any place you want(hotel,.....).

***Tour include english speaking(tour guide for other language is also available )tour guide and transportation and entrance fee and a full energy tour guide.
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