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San Lorenzo Fort & Gatun Locks

At the caribean side of Panama you will find San Lorenzo fort, a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

San Lorenzo fort was built by spaniards in 1598 as a defense stragety to block the entrance of pirates and privateers that were brave enough to plounder spanish settlements in the Americas.
This fort is located at the mouth of the Chagres River, one of the main entrance to Panama City.
Today the fort is inside a Natioanl Park that has its name, with 25,000 acres of forest provides many oportunities for wildlife observation as birds, monkey, sloths, etc.....along the drive to the fort.

We start our day driving north directly to the SanLorenzo fort. Enjoy the scenic drive once at the caribean. At the fort you will learn about the history and explore dungeaons and moats that are still in great condition.

Then we will visit the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal, these are the largest of all since its one structure compsed of 3 chambers. Here you will see the huge ships that are transiting North or into the caribean. A full day tour with many atractions, from nature, history, and the Canal, all in one !

Daprture 9:00 am

Tour includes:
Transportation, English Guide, entrance fees to Gatun Locks and National Park, 1 bottle of water per person.

Not Included: Lunch

Add $25 and get a train ride to Panama !
The train is a historical railway since 1855.

Add $15 and get to visit the expansion project, construction of new locks.

These will not afect the transportation rate.
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