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IT Gadget Shopping @ Yongsan Electronics Market

Yongsan, Seoul, Korea Corée du Sud


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"Seoul is home to some of the most advanced tech in the world" - PCMagazine, April 2014

" Yongsan Electronics Market is a retail area in Seoul, South Korea. Comprising over 20 buildings, housing 5,000 stores... Korean-made products generally cost 20% less here than other retail outlets, while imported items can be as much as 50% cheaper." - Wikipedia

If you want purchase a brand new IT gadget with reasonalbe price or want see or experience Korea's cutting edge IT technology, I can help you.

I recommend you to visit Yongsan because Yongsan Electronics Market is the best place to purchase IT gadget in the world because below 3 reasons.
1. Samsung, LG and thousands of IT device manufacturers are running in Korea.
2. All sort of IT or electronics devices are distributed from Yongsan to many countries.
3. We can purchase it with the cheapest price in worldwide.

I have a lot of knowledge and experience in IT technology because I worked for IBM as a IT specialist for many years. Besides, I know much about Yongsan area and I can negotiate the price with store

If you want to look around the market or If you want something to buy with resonable price, join us.

[Step 1] In prior to meet us, please email me and let me know what sort of IT devices you want to purchase.
[Step 2] I will search the items and its price. I will reply you to let you know the lowest price.
[Step 3] Meeting @ Yongsan Station or Sin-Yongsan Station.
(if you want me to pick you up, please let me know where you are staying.)
[Step 4] Yongsan Electornics Market tour Begins
[Step 5] Purchasing an item may take around 30 min per items.(depends on items)

Tour Inclusions:
English guide,
(Optional) Pick-up service with compact size car

Tour Exclusions:
Transportation fare, Meal and others
Language visit
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