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The essential Van Gogh: guided museum visit

1.5-hour personalised museum tour Netherlands


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Culture & Lifestyle
Vincent van Gogh (1853-90) was one of those rare artists who worked through different styles and influenced different art movements. He was truly a genius. But why?
As an artist, van Gogh was only active for about 10 years. Within that time, which was spent in his native Holland, briefly in Belgium and the UK, and then in France, van Gogh produced a remarkable number of remarkable works (in total over 850 paintings).
You most certainly have seen his work; but what do his paintings reveal?
This is your chance to learn more about the great master’s personal life and professional activities; and to closely view his technique and use of light, colour and brushwork. Moreover, this tour allows you to reflect on the transformation of European societies and industrialisation; and to consider international artistic exchanges (notably the influence of Japanese prints) and the concept of “artistic genius”.
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