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The art historian way: Rembrandt in Amsterdam

3-hour museum visit and Amsterdam walking tour The Netherlands


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Art can be fun and Amsterdam has a lot to offer in terms of art and culture! Rembrandt was one of the greatest artists of his time, and one of the few masters to be called only by their first name. But what made Rembrandt such a great artist?

In this tailored 3-hour tour, we will have the opportunity to learn more about Rembrandt’s art and life. We will use Rembrandt’s art as a lens to approach and learn more about 17th century Dutch culture and history.

The tour consists of two parts: a visit to Rembrandt’s house, where we will learn more about his personal and professional life, artistic style and legacy; and a walk in Rembrandt’s neighbourhood, where we will discover where his clients lived and how his most famous commissions (including The Night Watch) were made.

We will talk about city life, architecture and culture, discuss Amsterdam as a world-trading capital, and finish our walk in Rembrandt’s square, where a three-dimensional reconstruction of The Night Watch has been erected.

By the end of this tour, you will know more about Rembrandt, enjoy Amsterdam in more engaged way, and learn how to appreciate art the art historian way. You are now ready to visit any art museum without reservation!

Average distance: 1.5 km; accessibility: easy.
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