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Hi, my name is Charles and I will be glad to accompany you through the gorgeous city of Paris!

I’ve had three years of experience working for a large French travel agency before deciding that I want to become an individual tourist guide. And since then I’m doing my best to share the love for my beautiful country.

My professional experience and time devoted to studies in the domain allow me to be a very helpful guide for any type of tourists coming to France. Whether you’re on a private vacation or business visit, I will cater to your needs and make things go smoothly and exactly as you want them.

Besides being a guide in France, I also travel regularly (mostly USA and Asian countries). So, I know exactly what a tourist expects from his guide because I’m quite often on the other side of the fence as well.

I always pleased when my customers are satisfied and leave with great memories of my beloved country. That is why I always customize my tours according to customer’s preferences. After all, it’s your vacation and you want it to be exactly as you’ve dreamed about it, right? That's why I will be very glad to make your French vacation dreams become reality with the services I can offer!

French history is one of my strongest passions. That’s why always I tell many different things about various locations in Paris and also organize trips to different medieval cities around France. The romantic atmosphere of these places never disappoints and is very entertaining for adults and children alike.

Let me take you on a walk through Paris during the day or night and you will see why it’s considered as the most romantic place on the planet.

I’m always glad to see new people, since I love my country and want to share this love with everyone.

Contact me and you will be guaranteed with the best time in France you can get!
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