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Between dunes and ocean, the salted lake will dazzle you by its tons mauve, evolving with the wire of the day. Turn of the lake, visits of a Peulh village and stop at the salt pick-ups,then unforgettable bathe in the lake which its properties makes you float on top of the water. Guaranteed feelings! A meeting of rinsing to fresh water is envisaged in a Lasted oasis of the excursion: approximately 5 hours of which 2:30 of way round In option: Stroll in the dunes and turn of the lake in 4X4 or quad. The largest tortoise of Africa (100kg) is threatened of disappearance. This astonishing tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) lives in the dry zones of Central Africa, and it digs burrows from 5 to 6 meters of depth. Commune at the beginning of this century, it is now very rare. A program of conservation (S.O.S Sulcata) makes it possible to hope to save it. In Sangalkam, 35 km in the North-East of Dakar, a team of young naturalists (the FRD) pupil nourishes and looks after more than 600 tortoises.
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