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Day 1 : ANTANANARIVO - ANTSIRABE. (169 km or 4 hours on route).
Start the tour from Antananarivo to Antsirabe with your personal driver. This drive will take about 4 hours on a good, but twisting road. On route, you will meet the beautiful landscape of the rice field and merina typical tombs, villages. Stop at Ambatolampy to visit local forging making cooking pot by aluminium (metalwork). This is the largest town between Antananarivo and Antsirabe and the good place to have lunch. When you arrive in Antsirabe, you can relax for a while after the drive or take a walk to see around antsirabe including markets etc ...........Note that you can ride rickshaw which known as pousse-pousse use for local transportation.
Day 2 : ANTSIRABE TO MIANDRIVAZO. ( 220 km or 4 hours in the car ).
After the morning breakfast, your driver will pick you up from the hotel to visit the highlights around Antsirabe town including precious stone factory where you can learn how they polish the stones. We then visit the natural source of the spring water at the thermal bath and then onto Andrakiba lake. You can have horse ride around Andrakiba Lake (fees is not included) and this is an optional. We then make our way to Miandrivazo. On the way we pass a waterfall in Betafo village, as we pass through the changing Malagasy countryside. When you arrive in Miandrivazo there is no real reason to stay here long as it only serves as a place to organize a trip along the Tsiribihina River to descent the 160 km through the wild landscapes of the far Malagasy West. The river trip lasts for 3 and half days, by pirogue (dugout wooden canoe) or you can choose to pay more and travel instead in a comfortable motor boat that takes 1 day less.
Day 3 - 4 - 5: ALONG TSIRIBIHINA RIVER BY PIROGUE. ( 160 km long )
FIRST LEG: Start the day with your pirogue paddler and personal guide on the impressive Tsiribihina River, as it cuts its way through the rugged mountains that, in places, tower 600 meters above you. View a range of birdlife and many species of large chameleons, all by the riverbank. In the late afternoon your guide will pitch a tent, on a secluded island in the middle of the river. He will build you a fire and cook your dinner. Then sit back and enjoy your meal listening to the sounds of the river and watching the sun go down. Camping at night. (Full board is included).
SECOND LEG: Start the morning with a cooked breakfast as your guide packs up the camp. Then continue your adventure as the river winds through thick forests full of wildlife. Floating peacefully by, you have the opportunity to closely observe the many different types of lemurs, playing in the trees. Your guide will call a stop for lunch at the fabulous waterfall. This is a great place to rest and sometimes to observe curious lemurs. You can swim with this waterfall. Camping at night as before. (Full board is included).
THIRD LEG: Start the morning with breakfast as before. Then it’s back to the river passing tobacco farms and waving to locals as they collect their water. Then stop at a traditional Malagasy village. Isolated and hidden in the jungle this village can only be reached by riverboat, as it’s a 2-day walk to the nearest road. Watch how the villages work and live in their hand built wooden houses. Then back to the river and a surprise as you pass right next to some open caves. This is where hundreds of bats sleep through the day hanging upside down, from the ceiling of rock. Next you will see many Baobab trees on the riverside. These species of unusual, but beautiful trees can only be found in Madagascar. Camping at night as before. (Full board is included).
( 140 km or 7 hours by jeep )
After morning breakfast, meet your driver with the jeep at the riverbank then drive to tsimafana village where you will take a ferry boat crossing to belo sur tsiribihina. Here you will have lunch and take a walk to see local market and people. After your stops in belo sur tsiribihina, drive to bekopaka with another 90 km with dust road. Arriving at bekopaka village, take your hotel and relax with nice breeze and hearing the nature. This is an adventure trip and is indeed quite tough.
Take your early morning breakfast from the hotel and drive to the starting point of grand tsingy of Bemaraha Park. While you arrive at the site, you and your personal guide start the trekking and stepping into the platform to the top of the famous rock and photograph amazing landscape you have never seen elsewhere. This is one full day tour and needs very good physical. Do not forget to order your picnic food before you start the tour and this cost does not included in our tour.
Day 8 : BEKOPAKA TO MORONDAVA. (187 km or 9 to 10 hours by jeep)
Take your early morning breakfast from the hotel and go to Manambolo River by pirogue to look for fish eagles and visit a cave with stalactites and stalagmites. This visit takes one hour and then back to the car and drive to morondava.Take a break in belo sur tsiribihina village and having lunch then continue again to morondava. Stop at the famous Baobab Avenue by the sun set on route. This is the best time of day to see the trees, as their colors change and their long shadows are most pronounced. We arrive at Morondava, where you are free to relax for the rest of the day.
It’s much recommended to have another day here in morondava to relax on the beach after your long drive with bumpy road. Morondava is one of the hottest places and has cool breezes from seaside. This stay is an option but you can skip it if you are not keen on it or do not have time.
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