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The OUEST trip ( the RIVER of TSIRIBIHINA and the TSINGY of BEMARAHA trip )



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This trip is round 6 to 7 days like this . Always starting to first time of arrival here in Mada ; then driving from Tana to Miandrivazo , wehere you tike the locale boat or the motor boat if you want to have some confortability. The 2 and half days in the river ; and 2 nights camping. The taking the 4X4 in some place and following the way to Bekopaka . Visit of the National Parc of Bemaraha ( The Famous TSINGY of Bemaraha ) for 1 or 2 days . Come back to Morondava for the end .
During this trip , you have the chance to find some kind of Birds , reptiles , crocodiles , lemurs ; and the life of the people who live's on the side's of the river ...
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