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Berber valleys and Villages trek



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The Berber valleys are home to tiny hamlets and villages of the ethnic Berbers, a herding and farming community. Visit their homes and interact with them to know more about their traditions and customs. See their terraced fields of corn and barley and get a glimpse of their day to day living.
option 1:
Day 1: Imlil (1740 m) – Tizi n’Tamatert (2300m) – Imenane valley (3400 – 3500 m) – Tacheddirt (2400 m) or Tinghourine villages (2200 m) (food tasting of Berber specialities – kefta tajine, couscous and a traditional soup Tahrirt)
Day 2: Imenane valley – Aguersioual pass (2100 m) and Oudit pass (2200m) – valley of Azzaden, night in Ait Aissa village OR alternately we can stay overnight in a village of Tizi Oussem, where we can use the village hamam (traditional steam bath)
Day 3: Azzaden valley – Tizi Mzik (2500 m) – Imlil (1740 m)
Option 2:
Day 1: Imlil (1740 m) – Tizi n’Tamatert (2300 m) – Tacheddirt (2400 m)
Day 2: Tacheddirt (2400 m) – Imsker (1350 m)
Day 3: Imsker (1600 m) – Tizi Oussem (1900 m) via Tizi n’Lbour pass (1600 m)
Day 4: Tizi Oussem (1900 m) – Imlil (1740 m)
Option 3:
Day 1: Tagadirt Ait Ali (1400 m) – Tizi n'Tachte (2000 m) –Tiziane village (1750 m) (transfer from Marrakech can be arranged)
Day 2: Tiziane (1750 m) – Tizi n'Taghrhourte (1995 m) – D'knt village (1870 m) – Tizi Oussem (1800 m) Walk through the walnut groves to Tizi n’Taghrhoute (1995 m) with a stop by the Assaka spring on the way to D’knt village
Day 3: D'knt (1870 m) – Tizi n'Tagdalte (2400 m) – Tizi Oussem (1850 m) Juniper trees and a lunch by the spring precede the descent to the valley Assif n'Ait Oussaden with a village of Tizi Oussem
Day 4: Tizi Oussem (1850 m) – Waterfall at Azib Tamsoulte – Tizi Mzik (2500 m) – Imlil (1740 m)
Option 4:
Day 1: Imlil (1740m) – Tizi n’Tamatert (2300 m) – Imenane valley – Tachedirt (2400 m) (night in a local gîte)
Day 2: Imenane valley – Tizi n’Aguersioual (2100 m) – Aguersioual village 1650 m)(lunch near the river) – Imlil (It is possible arrange a pick up)
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