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Constanta to Mamaia by car



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Culture & Lifestyle
- A full-day driving tour of Constanta and Mamaia, the largest and most modern resort on the Romanian coast.
What I would like to do this time is to give you a flavor of what Constanta nowadays is like, hence to virtually visit together some of the most important locations of this ancient city.
The first thing that strikes you about Constanta, especially as a tourist, is just how important Constanta is in Romania, one of four roughly equal–size cities which rank after Bucharest (Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi and Constanta). Other good words to describe Constanta would be ‘the oldest extant city’, the main EU port in the Black Sea basin’ and ‘promoted as a seaside resort since the time of Carol I (the King of the Romanians between 1881 and 1914)’. The city of course was one of the summer residences of the Romanian royal family, with its historic core being the main center of attraction. Passenger cruise ships dock in the main port, just a short walk from the center of the city and the main museums and cultural sights. Though Constanţa is a large city, the historic core is small and easily managed on foot. Most of the sights are clustered around the central square, Piata Ovidiu. Due to its proximity to other major tourist destinations Constanta attracts thousands of visitors every year, and is especially popular in the summertime. It all adds to the unique atmosphere of the ancient metropolis - Tomis. Its history goes back more than 2,600 years when it was founded by the Greeks.
Constanta has a somewhat slower paced atmosphere -especially when compared to Mamaia - and when visiting, some may find it provides a soothing break from all the hustle and bustle in the neighboring resorts.
Better let’s get up close and personal and explore the Old Town on an excellent short walking tour. This tour will take you to most of Constanta’s museums and popular sights: Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the old Casino –the city’s landmark and the surrounding promenade opened in 1911, the Aquarium, the Genovese Lighthouse, the Romanian Military Navy Headquarter, the yacht harbor located in the ancient sea port of Constanta - Port Tomis, the Palace Hotel, the Great Mahmudiye Mosque, The Roman Mosaics, Ovid's Square and the Museum of National History and Archaeology. So, this informative and relaxing walking tour will not only take you to the city's most popular photo op spots but it includes the Great Mahmudiye Mosque also named "Kral camisi" (King's Mosque). Its main attraction is a 164 ft. (50 m) minaret (tower) which offers a strikingly impressive view of the old downtown and Tomis harbor.
We’ll also go to spots that might stray from the typical tourist’s agenda but shouldn't be missed: a visit to a local fruit & vegetable market, a peek inside the emblematic Palace Hotel and a visit to St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral (its choir of boys and men sings sacred music for liturgical services).
Situated immediately north-east of Constanţa, Mamaia is a hub of restaurants and nightlife and has many tourist attractions amongst its gleaming cars and colorful hotels. There we found access to endless beaches that are miles long and often completely deserted, or only a few people in sight. The sun, the hot sand and the alluring stretch of water - beaches are a seductive and felicitous getaway from a busy life.
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