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Florence for kids and teens



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Culture & Lifestyle
If you travel with children or young adults to let them experience some of the things they learn in school think of choosing a guided tour designed for their needs and interests: we have written and selected tests, drawings, riddles to experience the masterpieces and the museums without their getting bored.In Florence there are still places where time seems to have stopped: entering Palazzo Davanzati or the Horne Museum with their massive wooden doors we really have the impression of looking through a peephole at everyday family life: their bedroom (and the toilet!), their safe , the daily menu of the kitchen, the weapons and secret passages of a six hundred year old house.
Specific interests
In Florence we have several Egyptian mummies, one dinosaur, one of the largest collections of Japanese swords outside Japan, an underground roman amphitheater, the fingers of Galileo Galilei and all within reach of a gelato or pizza…so do not hesitate to ask for a special tour.
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