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Explore Shanghai with SAT China's Personal Tour Guides Service
-- Experience a REAL Shanghai
As a personal tour guide / travel planner,
show you around this historic and cultural city. As we all know, Shanghai is a multicultural city between old and new, eastern and western. It has many famous sightseeing places to visit, such as old town with garden and bazaar, Buddhist / Taoist temples, architecture show on the bund, futuristic Pudong modern site with Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC),etc. It also has the local hidden sites for you to experience: walking around beautiful French Quarter area, explore the local's neighborhood and folk life. You can even find the Jewish Ghetto and Synagogue in Shanghai because its special history. At night, you can enjoy the Pudong side, the bund and East Nangjing road with all the light show. Oops, almost forget to mention the cuisine, in Shanghai! We will choose high-ranked LOCAL restaurants or take you to enjoy local dim sum places, such as, steamed dumpling, fried dumpling, noodle, jaozi, 8-treasure rice, rice cake...yummy Chinese cuisine!). Western, Japanese, Thai, India, Muslim, etc food will be found Shanghai as well.
Tailor-made tour itinerary--It's only for you.
We can formulate a gorgeous tour plan for you according to your requirements & preferences and arrange everything well. Actually, we also have the classic travel route, some must-see sights, some tourist attractions, old towns of antique beauty, art gallery tour and local delicacies.Pick-up and drop-off in every tour. If you need, we will pick you up from the airport either.You can enjoy local public & hidden attractions, experience local entertainment and learn Chinese culture. we would also like to teach you MUST LEARN mandarin or Shanghai dialect as well when you are traveling.
Based in Shanghai and available to travel to other cities or regions in China.
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