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Shanghai Personal Shopping Guide



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You are a group already formed, an association, a business? Contact me to personalize your journey!

Help: Book or Privatize?

We propose privatizing this experience for you, your friends, your family, your colleagues.
Culture & Lifestyle
Shopaholic? DON'T worry!
Just Wanna Buy Some Stuffs for You , Your Family or Your Friend? DON'T worry!
We will make a shopping tour itinerary according to your requirements and preferences.
What you just need to do is: ENJOY IT!
from fabric, silk & cloths to accessories, shoes, bags & purses
from pearls & Jade -- necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings to carnelian & coral stuffs to golden & platinum jewelery
from typical Chinese souvenirs, hand-made art crafts to antique, traditional seal & paper cutting
from books, calligraphy works & art paintings to electronic & digital items
from Chinese tea & wine to Chinese snacks & dim sum......
Just let us know what you wanna get!
We will choose the markets, streets and shops into the shopping itinerary for you according to your request! We will help you bargain & haggling and get the lowest / best / local price!
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