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A walk through Constanta's History of Multiculturality



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Culture & Lifestyle
I invite you to discover the cultural diversity that characterizes the Dobrogea region and Constanta in particular. We will take a pleasant walk on the footsteps of the most important cultures that shaped Constanta's identity since the Ancient Greeks first set foot on this land.
Exploring the historic city center is the best way to get acquainted to vast cultural and religious diversity that made Dobruja known as the "Romanian California". Although the itinerary is always flexible, in order to allow a more friendly and personalized approach to getting to know the city, there are is an obligatory stop: the panoramic view of the city from the Charles I Mosque's minaret - the best view Constanta has to offer. Afterwards, we will follow the trail that takes us to all the churches and sanctuaries in the old part of the city: two mosques, the Orthodox Romanian Cathedral and Bulgarian Orthodox church, the Catholic cathedral, the Greek Romano-Catholic Church.
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