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“Georgian Savannah" - Vashlovani Protected Areas



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Welcome to “Georgian Savannah" - Vashlovani Protected Areas
Ecologically unique area of Georgia – located between two main rivers of Kakheti region, the Iori and the Alazani. Rich in biodiversity and home to rare Caucasian plants and animals.
If you would like to see famous leopard Noah, brown bears, lynx, wolf, wild boar, gazelle, jungle cat, porcupine, griffon-vulture, eagle, mountain eagle, fire-bird, black heron, partridge and West Asian leopard; some species of birds rarely characteristic for steppes, enlisted in Red List of Threatened Species of World Conservation Union.
Unique, bad-land-like areas of desert and semi-desert steppe vegetation and arid and deciduous forests. Home to the great cliffs-of-the-canyons, known in the area as the "Sharp Walls", and the magnificent Alazani flood plains and forests.
Mud volcano; bottom of the sea from ancient times, the shells of mollusks still kept in the sediments of the layers on the naked mountain rocks; the southern elephant’s fossilized back bone which points out to the gigantic sizes of the mammals existing millions of years ago; trails of bear, wolf, wild pig and lynx. “Caucasian toad”, Mediterranean tortoise and lizard, some kinds of snakes. Wide array of flora, including highland plants, desert plants and even helophytes, endemic and endangered species of plants.
Come to Vashlovani Protected Areas and enjoy with its amazing and unique flora and fauna.
I can offer you hiking routs, driving routs and rafting routs.
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