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Hiden Paradise on the Earth



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Culture & Lifestyle
Let’s discover a hidden paradise on the earth
A small country - located between two seas, on the crossroad of Asia and Europe, its famous hospitality, variety of wines and the most delicious cuisine, polyphonic Georgian folk songs and a legend told with dances;
Amazing nature, giant blue mountains built up to the sky covered with eternal snow, the most beautiful wild flora and fauna, mineral waters and hot sulfur baths; silk road and military highway; old and renewed cities, black sea coast and winter resorts; the highest populated point and a church in Europe absconded in the highest peaks of Caucasus mountains, centuries history shearer Svanetian, Tushetian or Khevsurian towers, strongholds, churches and temples scattered on the whole country territory;
The preserved artifacts of ancient civilization; Pre-Christian or Golden Age cave towns; UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sights; ancient centers of spirituality, education, art and literacy; one of the world’s oldest alphabet; outstanding examples of writing, icon writing, goldsmith’s art and architecture; mix of Asian and European cultures but still original – Georgian; the century-old history turned into the mystique legends and the rich traditions of being Georgian.
Travel to Georgian Paradise!
Turn legend into reality!
Become a part of this legend!
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