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Huntng in Cameroon



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Culture & Lifestyle
Cameroon offers hunting possibilities in 03 different areas : savannah, gallery forest & savannah, rain forest.
Game animal of savannah area:
Lion; Lord derby’s eland; elephant; western roan; western buffalo; western hartebeest; sing sing waterbuck; western kob; harnessed bush buck; Nigerian bohor reed buck; common oribi; western bush duiker; wart hog; red river hog; spotted hyena; civet; serval; baboon.
Game in gallery forest & savannah area:
Elephant; bongo; dwarf forest buffalo; sitatunga; giant forest hog; red river hog; yellow back duiker; peters duiker; blue duiker; sing sing water buck; western kob; harnessed bush buck; wart hog; red flanked duiker;
Game in rain forest area:
Bongo; forest elephant; sitatunga; dwarf forest buffalo; giant forest hog; red river hog; yellow backed duiker; bay duiker; gabon duiker; ogilby’s duiker; red fronted duiker; blue duiker; bates pygmy antelope.
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