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Explora Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego



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This is a very nice & soft trip, where I propouse discover all the patagonia, from the adventure sport perspective.
We will start in Puerto Madryn, in the north atlantic area, exploring the wildlife of the desertir patagonia (include Wales and mamals), then, we will fly form Puerto Madryn to Puerto Deseado, in a small airplane, at short altitude, to have the best persperctive from the air. In puerto Deseado we explore the area from the whater, to have the vision of Charles Darwin abouth the wonderfull wildlife of the area.
We will continue the trip by land, to explore the Cueva de las manos (with hiking), a very interesting prehistoric cultural site, to El Calafate and Perito moreno Glacier. We can Finish the trip here, or continue to Ushuaia, to discover the end of the world.
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