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VALPARAISO REGION FULL (World heritage UNESCO ) thru the wine region of Casablanca.
1It is difficult to describe in words this tour to the region of Valparaiso because it is a region with so many histories, magic and poetry that always is different. This tour includes visiting the port of Valparaiso, patrimony of the humanity, characteristic by its 56 hills, picturesque funiculars, colorful districts… It includes the city of Viña del Mar, that it captivates us with its casino, palaces and singular architecture, called the Garden City. You will also enjoy travelling thru the pacific central coast, showing some exclusive resorts, our marine flora and fauna, see some small fishermen villages, seaweeds collectors etc. which will take you more into how our people live. In one sentence this unforgettable tour tries to show you both sides of the coin.
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