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3 days in Armenia



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Culture & Lifestyle
- Day 1 City tour including a unique museum Matenadaran (Book depository of Ancient manuscripts) and Genocide Memorial with the museum.
-Lunch : Echmiadzin Cathedral 4c.a.d., the centre of Armenian Apostolic Church and the Residence of Armenian Patriarch(the head of Armenian Church), the museum in the cathedral.
The ruins of Zwartnots church 7c.a.d. on the way back from
Echmiadzin to Yerevan.
-Day 2 Garni- pagan temple of the God of Sun 1c.a.d. and Geghard monastery
partly carved out in the rock 13c. a.d.
- Lunch in Garni village house
State History Museum or National Picture Gallery
- Day 3 Sevan lake, peninsula churches 9c.a.d.
Lunch in one of local restaurants, tasting fish
Handicraft market(on week ends) in Yerevan
Dinners can be organized in local restaurants.
Some concerts are organized specially for tourists, usually Folk Dance and Song Group.
Besides, there are daily performances and concerts in the Opera House and Philharmonic Hall.
You see, we have a lot of things to show in Armenia. We take tourists to the North or to the South for several days. There are some good hotels in the country. Depending of the duration of stay, various tours can be proposed.
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