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Celebrities of Pere Lachaise: the legend

Paris, France

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Cemetery experts for 15 years


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Enjoy the famous Pere Lachaise tour by "Les Necroromantiques" the cemetery experts for 15 years.

Walking around this enchanted hill, its labyrinth of cobbled streets and picturesque tombstones, you'll realize that Père Lachaise, the most famous cemetery in the world, is also the most surprising open-air museum in Paris: 44 hectares, 70, 000 graves, 5,300 trees.

The best way to discover the magic of Père Lachaise, is with our necro-romantic Safari, celebrated by media and by thousands of travellers, and certified by the Paris Visitors Bureau. Join us on a trip through art and history where all the great celebrities of the past come alive: Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Molière, Chopin, Isadora Duncan, Gertrude Stein, Héloise & Abélard and many others.

After all these years we keep strolling through this unique place with energy and passion, balancing humor and historical accuracy, sharing secrets, anecdotes and legends of past and present.

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