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Stroll-discovery around Montorgueil

Paris, France

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District of the French gastrono

Bars and Parisian restaurants

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Montorgueil is situated in the historic heart of Paris, near former Halles (" the stomach of Paris ").

This district is lined in the East by a former royal road (street Saint-Denis), and on the West by the former path leading to the Butte Montmartre (street Montmartre).
Fortunately for us, the big works of urbanization of the last centuries, with the drilling of the street Etienne Marcel and of the street Réaumur, protected its original historic character. Its narrow and paved streets, its old mansions, its covered passages are invitations to the walk and to the musing.

The street Montorgueil, which crosses it, is a bustling pedestrian artery, lined with picturesque cafés and small welcoming restaurants.
Montorgueil is a place which attracts more and more a young and trendy population.

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